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Dear Readers,


Good news! My two-book series is out. These two books are contemporary romance, my “first love” in the romance genre. They are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords as I write this letter. They will soon be available also on Apple, Sony, Kobo and other sites.


“Wolves in Business” is the name of the series. No, the heroes are not shapeshifters or werewolves—“only” alpha businessmen who meet their matches in their equally alpha heroines.


In Wolf in Jester’s Clothing, corporate wolf and new CEO Rence Stratford has two goals: reorganize his corporation and get to know his chief of staff—intimately. Chief of staff Eleanora Whitman wants to learn his management techniques and ignore the attraction between them. Can they negotiate to solve their problems and still have each other?


In Wolf on Thin Ice, Linda Rebane runs the family business, Rebane Renovations, and is determined to succeed. As a test of the company’s abilities, corporate wolf Mike Stratford wants Rebane to rehab a building, then he’ll add her company to his construction division. Neither expects the scorching attraction between them. She’s thinking fling, he’s thinking forever. But when he threatens to take over her company, how can she even consider forever?


Do let me know what you think of the Stratford brothers and their heroines. These books were a lot of fun to write.


In addition to those two, all six of The Magic Series and Windswept are available as ebooks. My plans are to offer all of them in print form this summer. I’ll post the news on Facebook and other places as soon as they’re available.


Another contemporary romance is swirling around in my head, but not strong enough to hint about its contents. Even less strong is another paranormal series, but I have lots of thinking to do about that before I even say a word about the idea.


Come visit me on Facebook: And on Twitter, which I’m just learning. @AnnMacela


Thank you for all your support. I deeply appreciate it and any reviews you see fit to post on the various sites.



Ann Macela


Look for these titles in the Magic Series:

The Oldest Kind of Magic

Do You Believe In Magic?

Your Magic Or Mine?

Wild Magic

Unexpected Magic

Legendary Magic

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Wolf in Jester's Clothing by Ann Macela

Wolf in Jester's Clothing


Wolf on Thin Ice by Ann Macela

Wolf on Thin Ice


The Oldest Kind of Magic by Ann Macela

The Oldest Kind of Magic


Do You Believe in Magic by Ann Macela

Do You Believe in Magic?


Your Magic or Mine by Ann Macela

Your Magic or Mine?

Wild Magic by Ann Macela 

Wild Magic

Unexpected Magic by Ann Macela 

Unexpected Magic

Legendary Magic by Ann Macela 

Legendary Magic

Windswept by Ann Macela


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